The Proposal

The Proposal

On February 14th my then bf now fiancé took me out to dinner and part of my gift was a photo session with a photographer. Jeff (my fiancé) said that it was a photo shoot to introduce my family to my bloggers, he thought it was a nice gesture to make my family a part of my blog. I thought that was the most thoughtful/sweetest thing ever. He said the photo shoot will take place March 4th, on the date of our 8 year anniversary.

He told me to get a nice outfit and we thought about the colors that my family will wear etc… its so funny because I mentioned to him if im doing a meet my family I would like your parents to be involved and he played it off like yea ill try but you know they’re working, so I’m like okay no problem at least try (little did I know) The day came. And it was a bit hectic trying to prepare for it and have my family prepare for it as well. As you know group things may be hectic. We had a designated time to be there, and I was stressed because my family got there about 20 minutes late, in the meantime I was taking my shots by myself. Until they arrived. LISTEN having a group of people take pictures is a big task and honestly in some of these I look SO SERIOUS but it was NOT intentional I think I was expressing myself differently than I was LOL. I had left my bf in charge of my phone in case someone called, so I was clueless of where it was at all times 🤣 and I was too happy to think about it anyways.

We took family shots and we were ready for the outfit change, where I did not want to wear the glittery dress since I thought it was too much, but my sister convinced me somehow. And once I walked out, the photographer took me outside and had me taking some shots. He proceeded to tell me how to pose and then told me look away to catch good lighting. I turned away and then he followed saying “now turn around and take a picture with him”, when I turned around I saw jeff on the floor and I thought to myself why is he on the floor? I’m not getting on the floor with this dress! LOL not realizing what he had in hand,🤣🤣🤣 then I realized he was on one knee asking me to marry him!!

After the moment I was crying my eyes out, I love that he had my sister record it on live, and my family members and friends were able to watch who weren’t there physically. My makeup looked a mess and it showed LOL but it was SOOOOOOO worth it!!! The BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! ❤️🤗

THANK YOU to my fiancé for making this THE MOST WONDERFUL PROPOSAL, planning it out to the T! and having our family there was EVERYTHING for me, if you know me family is SPECIAL to me! BEST DAY EVER!!!

SHOUTOUT to our photographer Richard Rosario, I have his Instagram linked on my engagement photo go check his work out!