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Neon & Prints

Jarisel VargasComment
Neon & Prints

HELLO MY FASHIONISTAS!! I hope that you have been catching up with me on my instagram feed, and the new thing I’m trying out making videos on my IGTV which I LOVE doing. Todays blog post is all about neons and snakeskin. This is a trendy fashion, I love neon colors ESPECIALLY for summer, but I’m glad we can incorporate it during winter throughout spring. This is a trend I have seen on the runway, at first I was like this is a summer color lol but lets just say fashion can do anything and make anything work. I wanted to give it a try and add my own twist to it. Another hot trendy print is Snakeskin, snakeskin has been a personal favorite, for the fall I got snakeskin boots from Aldo and honestly whenever I get the chance to wear them I do because they’re so comfortable and stylish.

Today I will show you how I wear neon and snakeskin, I showcased a more casual look and then a more dressed up look. I love doing these type of blog posts because not everyone has the same style, that is why I like to give options LOL.

Break Down of outfits

Jeans: Zara $22 (when they had their sale)

Neon turtleneck: Leyrimoda.com $25

Boots: Aldo

Jacket: Prettylittlething.com

Belt: Zara

Dress: Zara $25 (sale)

Boots: Zara two years old

Head piece: hm $9.90

Earrings: Zara $25

Coat: $100

I’m only putting the prices so that you guys see that my wardrobe is affordable, I always link the pieces after the pictures and it takes you right to the website.

The inspiration pictures posted below are from Pinterest. Giving them credit for their photos.