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Jarisel VargasComment

Hello my fashionistas!!! Here is yet another blog post and I’m here to share my outfits of the day that I wore on my vacation to Mexico. This was my second time to Mexico, I just LOVE it so much, the culture, the food and the people are just exeptional and reminds me a lot of my country. My first time in Mexico I went to los Cabo’s, and this time around I was blessed to make my way to Cancun, where we got to visit the mayan ruins, which was one of my highlights.This trip I took with my bf and some of my family members. 

Every time I plan a trip I’m already planning my outfits and I know what vibes I want to have on vacation. Usually I buy clothes that are colorful depending where I’m going and I like to wear outfits that I won’t usually wear on a daily basis. 

This trip I was focused on prints and textures. I also take a neutral pieces and add accessories and colorful lipstick to it. I love playing with fashion it just makes it that much more fun. MOST of my outfits and bikinis are from prettylittlething, I was searching online looking for the perfect pieces and prices and prettylittlething offers STUNNING pieces and affordable prices, where I look and feel like a million bucks! 

I will be linking all of the pieces I wore, and showing pictures of my outfits and pictures that didn’t make it to the gram. I hope you like this blog post and if you would like more posts like this leave me a comment below ❤️

                                                           FLORAL DRESS

                                                         CORAL SWIMSUIT

                                                          STRIPE SWIMSUIT

                                                           MINT SWIMSUIT

                                                    ORANGE TWO PIECE SET

                                                          WHITE BIKINI TOP

                                                          BLACK COVER UP