One bag-three ways

One bag-three ways

Hello to all my beautiful fashionistas! And the new ones added to the family! ❣️ I have been gone of doing my blog posts because as you know I was finishing my classes in college and I wanted to finish strong my last semester of taking classes. BUT I’m back now! And I’m so ready to give you guys more of me and more content. 

This blog post is called 1 bag three ways because I’m focusing a bag that is really popular refered to as a "bum bag" or "belt bag" & fanny packs lol . This bag works as a belt and as an accessory. When I saw the trend, I just knew I had to have one in my closet. But I wanted the perfect one. I saw a similar design by Gucci, which I LOVED,  But like I mentioned before there are certain trends that I invest in (as you know) and there are others that I find that it’s better to get a more affordable version because trends come and go. Who is with me?! 

This bag I got in top shop for just $41 dollars and it’s the perfect color, considering that my fave color is pink. With the gold detail and the velvet fabric is just perfection. They don't have this color available online but they do have a red, nude and other color that I can't remember but I left the link down below so check them out. 

You know my love for graphic tees, and this one is from boohoo which is sooo cute I love the different color letters it gives it a playful look, which you can dress it up or casually. And I love that it says WOMAN, I believe in my head that the different color letter represents that we’re all different and makes me feel good. I’m all about biker shorts this summer, and I think they are a staple piece in my closet. I want to get them in every color. These are from forever 21, which I got for $3 and the fishnet ones are also from boohoo which I think cost me around $8 with their discount.

This look is entirely casual, I can dress it up and add some heels if I want to. Biker shorts and the belt bag is so easy to use. Thats why I think that im sticking to these trends for the summer. whats your go to look? If you loved this look, I’m linking everything below so that you can purchase everything. Thank you for reading this blog post, I APPRECIATE you all! ❣️❣️


                                                              FISHNET SHORTS

                                                                BIKER SHORTS

                                                               NIKE SNEAKERS


                                                                    BELT BAG