The Camo season

The Camo season

I’ve been seeing the camo pants being a trend now,  but to be honest, I have to say that camo has always been in style. I wanted to try and see if I liked them. Let me tell you that I felt like I was in the destiny's child video “I’m a survivor” lol the song was playing in my head the whole time! 

When I first came across these pants I wanted the long, high waisted look. But since summer was near I thought to myself and said I’ll get the shorts instead. I love that you can pair these shorts with everything and anything, and by that I mean you can accessorize them how you prefer to. You can wear them with sneakers, flats sandals and even heels just like I did. (Where you’ll see down below). These pants are sooo comfortable to wear, trust me you’ll want to wear them everywhere. I paired them up with a black strapless crop top and clear heels with retro sunnies, my favorite purse and a jean jacket. 


My camo short are from gojane along with my sunglasses. I got my transparent shoes from forever21 but they have very similar ones on all online boutiques. My bag is from cameliocase, she has one amazing bag that can interchange into a different one, how? Because the skins are interchangeable. I will be wiritjng a separate blog for this bag showing you how to change and how it comes. I paired these shorts with a seamless bralette from forever21 which honestly I hope that I dont exhaust you with my upcoming summer trends because they all will involve bralettes. They were always in style but I think now even more so beware. LOL. 

I also attached pictures on how celebrities are wearing the trend. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

                                                                CARGO PANTS


                                                           TRANSPARENT SHOES

                                                                  DENIM JACKET

                                                             SEAMLESS BRALETTE