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Casually Chic!

Jarisel VargasComment
Casually Chic!

Hello my fashionistas!!! I’m here once again with another post!!!! I feel like I have been abandoning my blog and there is no reason for me to do that. But the past few weeks have been hard because I’ve had exams for school and work has been a bit crazy. BUT I’m here with a new blog post and I couldn’t be happier. 

If you have been following me and reading my blog posts you know that I’m OBSESSED with graphic tees, I love to wear them dressed up or casually. I think they make such a statement and can make any outfit pop and look edgy. Am I the only maniac that goes crazy over graphic tees? ! How do you guys feel about graphic tees? The one I’m wearing is from Zara, and ill post the link down below so that you can order it or look at other ones you might like. I love this one because of the sparkly red and black and the message it says “childhood memories” and it just made me think of all the beautiful childhood memories that I have. 

This whole look I based it on looking chic and casual at the same time, and showing you that you can still look good while on a budget. For example the shoes I am wearing look VERY similar to the Gucci slip on fur mules which retail for $1,000, but mine aren’t, they’re from the brand Steve Madden but I purchased them from DSW for only $69.99. Trust me I saved myself some BIG time coins LOL. They have many styles and textures, that will make you want them ALL!! so dont wait and go grab yours!!

On to my plaid blazer I have worn this before and its from HM and I am proud to say that I purchased it for only $30!! It was on sale, let me tell you when I saw it, I envisioned many outfit ideas and I LEFT THE STORE without it!!! but that same day a few hours later I knew I wanted it so bad and the quality was just amazing that I returned and got it. So happy that I did, I have worn this blazer casually and dressed it up. 

On to the sunglasses which are a HOT topic now a days!!! these are from DRUMROLL please!!! AMAZON!!! for only $12.99. They’re amazing because of the quality and are very stylish. Like my grandma says the three B’s in Spanish (BUENO, BONITO Y BARATO). LOL meaning , good quality, beautiful, and affordable, but these three words in Spanish start with the letter B so they are the three B’s lol. 

Tell me what you guys have been up to lately I want to know!! Our family has grown so much we’re up to almost 1,000 on Instagram!! and I’m grateful for ALL of you!!!

                                                              GRAPHIC TEE

                                                                FUR MULES 

                                                             FLORAL MULES

                                                              PLAID BLAZER

                                                                 BOXED BAG

                                                                GOLD HOOPS