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Street style for NYFW

Jarisel VargasComment
Street style for NYFW

HELLO MY FASHIONISTAS!! Thank you for coming and reading my blog posts and for always supporting me. This blog is dedicated to looking like you are on a runway BUT on a BUDGET, which is what my blog is all about, finding the balance between looking beautiful and not having to spend thousands of dollars. I'm not saying its not nice to own luxury items but I want to show all of you that we can also look fabulous while being on a budget. I still do it, when I go shopping many times I know what I can spend and what I cannot spend on an item, and if an item is pricey then I ask myself "can I find this at another store from another brand, with a price that I can afford"? if so then I leave it and move on, if I know that I wont find that type of fabric or style elsewhere then I just splurge, its worst if you buy something because its cheaper then down the line you cant put any use to it because it got ruined and you have to return and have to end up then spending twice the amount. Its called shopping smarter people!! This top & skirt cost $60. 

This past weekend I went into Zara its one of my favorite stores, I even worked there at a point in my life. I love how I can get high end looking pieces on the affordable side. For example, I went in with the mindset of getting an outfit that I would wear for fashion week, and boy was I excited their FALL/WINTER collection is just to die for. I usually walk the whole store section by section to see what I find and I pick things up and invent outfits in my head. So when I walked into the fitting room I fell in love with this shirt down below and the reason I fell in love when I saw it and how it fit was because I love shirts with graphics, it had an oversized look which I love and it had a special detail on the sleeves. I tried it on with this leather skirt and my exact words were SOLD!

I paired this look up with a pony tail to drive the attention to my blouse, and I did a bronzy gold makeup. I also used these silver earrings from ALDOSHOES which I got a few months ago, I put up a post on Instagram with other earrings that I got. The rings are also from ALDOSHOES. My strappy sandals are by Lolashoetique which I love because they are so affordable and you look and feel amazing with them. Down below I will link everything that I am wearing, if you have any questions or suggestions please DM me on Instagram or send me an email!! 



                                                            GRAPHIC BLOUSE

                                                                   MINI SKIRT

                                                              STRAPPY HEELS