Mixing frills

Mixing frills

Hello, my fashionistas, happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I went to Jersey for the weekend to spend time with some of my family members. We went out to explore the town on Saturday night and then on Sunday we had brunch together and we all cooked together and in the evening we caught up on some of our favorite shows that include Power and Game of thrones. Do any of you like these shows?! if so please let me know in the comments below! 

Now to the good stuff my outfit. Let me begin by telling you guys that I was afraid of buying and even wearing frilled pants, not that I didn't like them but I just didn't know how they would fit. And to tell you the truth I bought these without even trying them on at the store, I thought what the hey I need to step out of my comfort zone and try these out and I ended up loving the style of the pants they fit my body amazing and they gave me Selena vibes. I paired it with this white crop top that also had frills from Zara both! The best is that they were both on sale! pants were $22.90 & top I got it for $19.99 but its now $12.99. Although Zara does not have the pants online they might have them in store and I linked BOOHOO pants that are identical to mine down below. 

Right now I'm really into cross body bags, I cannot resist them every time I see a color that I don't have I just have to get it and the color was a plus, it gave me major summer vibes. These cool sunglasses I borrowed from my sister and she got them in Canada. 

Everything I wore is linked down below! Hope you all enjoy!

                                                           CROP TOP

                                                          FRILL PANTS


                                                           GREEN BAG

                                                              RED BAG