Color combos

Color combos

Hello everyone!! it has been a long time since I've blogged or had any content up for about a month or two. Reason being is school, I'm here trying to manage full-time classes, full-time job and somewhere in there a social life. Although it is no excuse for me to leave aside one of my most priced possessions which is sharing my blog with you all, I just really had to focus this was a challenging semester for me. I promise to put up content and share with you guys more often. 

I want to start by saying this New York city weather has been sooo bipolar! I literally have been wearing jackets and even booties sometimes, but this weekend it has gotten better and I got to wear some of my NEW favorite pieces for the summer! 

During the summer I love to wear pop pieces and pair them up with basic pieces, I also love wearing pop colors and pair them up with whites, I think whites, green, yellow, blue, orange, all of these colors look great with anything white paired up. In this blog I'm wearing this green bag that reminds me of a gucci bag and since I cannot at the moment afford a gucci bag I knew that I had to get this one! its from ALDOSHOES and I got it for $70 I believe, I love the the colors that the bag has it allows me to pair it up with many things. These shoes are from Zara! one of my fave stores I got them for $50! I loved these because the heels aren't so high and I knew that they would be perfect for summer when I want to wear shorts, they would be comfortable to walk in, I'm still a 6inch heel girl lol but sometimes its nice to find some heels to be able to walk in. My pants and bodysuit are also from Zara and the bodysuit is only $13, and my pants are $50! I love finding affordable pieces that I can put together. 

& remember I always link my outfits at the end of the pictures below!!







                                                                 JEAN JACKET