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Jarisel VargasComment

HEY MY FASHIONISTAS!!! How was everyones weekend??!!!! I had the pleasure of having a three day weekend, so I was VERY happy to enjoy a long weekend for relaxation and use it for some time to focus on things that I want to focus on like spending time with family, and my blog and putting up content and just putting all of my ideas on paper and into perspective. 

Moving along how is everyone feeling about the red boot trend??!! I really want to know so let me know in the comments below.  I am LOVING the trend, I think that my closet is becoming more accepting to red lol, I find myself buying a lot of red items. I’m going to tell you guysthe story behind these boots. Prior to my birthday I saw these boots on Jessica Caban (Bruno mars girlfriend) & I fell in LOVE, they are from ZARA. So I showed my boyfriend a picture and I was just dwelling on them. When I went on the website they were sold out but SOME stores in NYC had very few in stock. To make the story short I was too lazy to go into the city and grab a pair so I started searching for some other similar ones and found them at MANGO, so I had in mind to go grab myself a pair. When my birthday came around which was right after I made my decision of grabbing the MANGO ones my BF had bought them as a part of my gift he said he was sooo stressed trying to find them for me he went to a couple stores and he found a pair at last!! I WILL cherish that gesture for ever LOL. 

The bag is ALSO everything!! It was gifted to me by my BF to match with my boots and I LOVEEEE the combo. As you guys already know I have a thing for cross body bags and he got me the perfect one I am in LOVE. 

The sweater that I am wearing is from Zara and I loved it because it has the oversized look and also because of what is says,"short tempered be careful" yes it describes my mood most of the time believe it or not LOL. It was only $29.90 and I love graphic tops, sweaters because I feel that I can dress them up or down. I know that I can swap my boots for sneakers with this outfit. 

My skirt was only $39.90 and its from Zara as well, I have to tell you Zaras fall collection is to DIE for!! I loved this skirt because as you know I love my ripped jeans and I just had to add a ripped skirt to my closet. 

My BEAUTIFUL necklace is from @shopbylolita just have to tell you, YOU MUST follow her and look at her stuff!!! Its amazing, different styles to fit your own personality. I will link her website below so that you can look at her accessories. 

P.S I do everything for you guys so I WANT YOUR INPUT whatever YOU WANT TO SEE please comment them below and on my Instagram don’t forget to follow & if you have any advice to give me to make things better PLEASE let me know!! 

I hope YOU ALL have a great week to come and I hope you enjoyed this blog post!! 

With love, Jarisel




                                                           CROSS BODY BAG